Lost Mines of Phandelver

You are in the town of Neverwinter on the Sword Coast and find yourselves in The Fallen Tower Tavern. Your dwarven friend and patron, Gundren Rockseeker has hired you to escort a wagonload of mining equipment to the town of Phandalin, on the outskirts of Neverwinter Wood. This should be a simple task, and the most trouble you expect would be a small roving band of goblins or kobolds, nothing you cannot handle.

Gundren has gone ahead with a warrior named Sildar Hallwinter, to attend to business in the town while you are to follow with the supplies 2 days after his depart. He has promised that the proprietor of a shop in Phandalin, called Barthen’s Provisions, will pay each of you 10gp for your troubles when you bring the wagon to him. You set out along the High Road, making good time, and turn eastward at the Triboar Trail.

And that is where our tale begins…


The Rise of Tiamat

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